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Discover our accommodations at high altitude. Suite on the snowcat and the House on the slopes in Barchi.

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Discover the unique experiences to live in the heart of Valmalenco


Exclusive accommodation in Valmalenco

Experience the magic of a high-altitude stay.

A unique opportunity to discover the secrets of the mountains and the emotions that stir when the sun sets.

Chalets, suites, and apartments

Do you know what it feels like to stay at high altitude, where everything slows down and the noises of the day fade away?

The silence of the mountains welcomes you into the intimacy of your warm, comfortable accommodation in rare and evocative moments, full of mystery.

That’s why we call it an experience, not just an overnight stay.

A unique way to experience Valmalenco: sharing precious moments with your family in Barchi, in the comfort of a vacation home immersed in the most unspoiled nature, where you can rediscover the slow rhythms of the seasons and watch as wonder and amazement ignite in the eyes of your little ones.

An intimate retreat for close friends, ready to collect unforgettable memories and marvel at starry skies so vast and clear that you feel a part of them.

Suspended in time and space where the cable car stops, you and your loved one can experience the thrilling intimacy of our one-of-a-kind snowcat suite, the valley stretching as far as the eye can see, the surrounding peaks the sole guardians of your desires.

Chiesa in Valmalenco, IT
09:07, Jul 15, 2024
temperature icon 23°C
cielo sereno
Humidity 56 %
Wind 8 Km/h
Wind Gust Wind Gust: 8 Km/h
Clouds Clouds: 10%
Visibility Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise Sunrise: 04:43
Sunset Sunset: 20:09
Panoramic Apartment in Barchi
Apartment in Barchi
Studio in Barchi
2 Cuori in Pista Suite

Find out what to do in all seasons in Valmalenco

Let Valmalenco surprise you

Staying at high altitude: a unique way to experience the mountains

With over 50 km of slopes, Alpe Palù is a skier’s paradise. But the experience of staying in Valmalenco goes far beyond that.

Imagine taking the road that leads from Sondrio up into the mountains: Reaching the cable car, you are greeted by Pizzo Scalino like a dear old friend whom you’ll see again upon arrival at altitude. The accommodation in Barchi is located directly on the ski slopes, a few steps from the chairlift. Couples can go on to the 2 Cuori in Pista Suite, and from there enjoy a view of Sassonero.

In the intimacy of your own home, the moment of awakening at altitude is pervaded with the scent of hot coffee at dawn, sipped in the company of silence, while the first rays of the sun timidly warm the treetops.

Indulge in a state of calm anticipation as you wait to see the lift system light up.

From here, you can put your skis or snowshoes on directly at your doorstep, ready for stress-free immersion in your day: no commute, no car, no change of footwear.

In summer, hiking trails, the woods, and the bike park guide you to unexpected places— dairy farms, trout farms (a specialty of Valmalenco), and shops where you can discover the local delicacies—introducing new ways to tease the senses: Experience the many shades of nature curated by the skilled hands of local artisans, custodians of time-honored recipes

There’s much more to staying at altitude.

Staying here means sharing in the life of those who tend to the mountain all year round, with its unusual rhythms, in a welcoming family atmosphere. Have you ever felt the thrill of grooming the slopes at night? Or watched twilight envelop the woods, sensing the presence of curious little animals in the rustling of leaves, hoping to catch sight of them?

Experience the beauty of Valmalenco all year round!

Experience the beauty of Valmalenco all year round!

How to reach us


Not far from Milan and Sondrio, and a stone’s throw away from Switzerland, the accommodation at Valmalenco Bernina Ski Resort offers the advantage of unique experiences in an unspoiled location, without long hours of travel.

In summer, you can reach the lodgings in Barchi by car.

During winter, it is advisable to leave your car in San Giuseppe and reach the apartments using the Pedrana – Barchi – Palù chairlift.

The snowcat suite is operational only in winter and can be reached with the snowmobile service, provided by an expert driver.

Not all lodgings are accessible by car.

To get exact directions on how to reach the lodgings during different times of the year, read the specific instructions for each facility. Or ask us!

We’re here to help you make the best arrangements for your stay.

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