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Gatto Gourmet

Hai mai provato l’emozione di salire su un vero Gatto delle nevi? Ti piacerebbe assaporare l’atmosfera magica di una romantica cena in un rifugio di montagna nel cuore delle Alpi? 

Now you can!

Surprise your loved one with a truly unexpected and unique experience: just the two of you aboard a snowcat that will take you to Rifugio Motta, where the authentic and genuine flavors of Valmalenco await you in an intimate, warm, and welcoming setting.

Give your loved one—and yourself—the gift of an experience that will leave you with indelible memories.


Departure: 7:00 PM from the Casa Vacanza ai Barchi
Return: 10:00 PM to the Casa Vacanza ai Barchi


250.00 Includes snowcat transport + full menu for two


Service active from 01/22/24 until the end of the season (April 2024)


Booking via email at

Reservations can only be made in combination with a minimum two-night stay at the Casa Vacanza ai Barchi

Visiting a High-Altitude Refuge After Sunset

High-altitude refuges are very busy during the day, but what happens in the evening? When day skiers return to their accommodation in town or go back home, a wilder experience awaits only those who choose to experience the high-altitude mountain after sunset.

You will discover sensations that only a pristine place like Valmalenco can offer: The muffled silence of the snow-covered Alps replaces the sound of skis gliding on fresh snow, the deep darkness envelops the landscape transforming it into a fairy-tale setting where you can count the stars, and human activities yield to the life of nocturnal and wild animals. Nature reclaims its space with the slow pace of its rhythms.


If you’ve chosen to stay at the Casa Vacanza ai Barchi, you’ll find yourself sleeping directly on the ski slopes: an evocative and fascinating experience, reserved for only a few.

Staying in Barchi offers you access to the Gatto Gourmet experience, providing a truly unique opportunity to enrich your adventure: riding in a real snowcat to a characteristic mountain refuge located over 2,000 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Alps. Here you can enjoy a typical Valtellinese dinner, indulging in the enticing flavors of traditional cuisine, enriched by the warm hospitality that only the actual mountain inhabitants can offer.

Surprise your loved one with a night they will never forget: The Gatto Gourmet experience is the perfect opportunity to celebrate an important moment or anniversary, to surprise that special someone, or simply to do something different and memorable. Give your loved one and yourself the gift of a special, extraordinary moment that can only be experienced here.

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A Romantic Dinner in the Heart of Valmalenco

The Gatto Gourmet experience transports you to inaccessible parts of the mountain—and the soul.

cena valtellinese con gatto delle nevi in valmalenco

The experience begins at the door of your apartment at the Casa Vacanza ai Barchi: A snowcat driver will come pick you up, so all you have to do is step out of your warm mountain nest into the enchanted landscape of Valmalenco and settle into the snowcat cabin.

An experienced driver will follow the path that separates your “nest on the slopes” from Rifugio Motta: the exceptional destination reserved only for Gatto Gourmet guests. You will cross the slopes in a fairy-tale landscape: the darkness that envelops the mountain is illuminated by the powerful lights of the vehicle, offering a special insight into the woods and paths well known to skiers.

In just over half an hour, you will reach your destination: Paola and her husband will be waiting for you at the refuge. Enter and immerse yourself in a genuine and authentic philosophy which is not only the style of mountain cuisine but also a way of life.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find yourself in an intimate setting, shared only with a few other guests; it is not uncommon to have the refuge all to yourselves. The warm and welcoming environment comforts eyes and body alike: The interiors are entirely wood, in perfect harmony with the stove, the warm and beating heart of the refuge.

From here you will have an enchanting and evocative view of the entire Valmalenco valley: With the lights of the valley and the vastness of a sky studded with stars, you will have exclusive dominion over the peak for an evening. Relax and let yourself be carried away on a journey of flavors and sensations typical of a traditional Valtellinese dinner.

The Typical Valtellinese Menu

The Gatto Gourmet experience includes dinner for two, a journey of flavors to be savored at 2,000 meters altitude in the intimacy of a real alpine refuge.

The flavors reflect the authentic style of the cook and the philosophy of the mountain inhabitants: generous portions, impeccable quality of raw materials, zero waste. The offering of dishes is vast but varied, and portioned according to the number of expected guests: Depending on availability on the day of your visit, you will be able to taste pizzoccheri (buckwheat pasta with cabbage, potatoes, and cheese), sciatt (buckwheat cheese fritters), polenta taragna (maize and buckwheat polenta), tagliatelle with deer or game ragù, venison steaks, or Tzigoiner (or Zigeuner), a typical spit-roasted beef dish—literally “on the stick”—whose original recipe is shrouded in mystery.

cena valtellinese pizzoccheri gatto gourmet

An authentic high altitude experience

Experience the magic of the mountains for an evening.

The mountain at night offers unique sensations: the whiteness of the snow, the silence, the play of light and darkness, a fairytale landscape, which only the few inhabitants of the high altitudes have the opportunity to experience up close. 

You will savor the authentic taste of a “real”, not artificial, experience that only very few people can describe: riding a snowcat, a real work vehicle in action. Cross an absolutely out of the ordinary landscape and reach your destination: a warm and welcoming refuge in an equally unusual context.

Enjoy the uncontaminated beauty of Valmalenco after sunset, when the day’s visitors return home, you will be among the few who will have the privilege of staying and exploring this area in an authentic way.

An exciting and adventurous experience to do at least once in your life.

How to make the most of it the experience

Book your minimum 2-night stay at Casa Vacanza ai Barchi to stay directly on the ski slopes.

 You can purchase the Gourmet Cat directly when booking, or contact us at a later time to reserve your experience as a couple. However, as this experience is subject to availability, it is advisable to book at the time of purchasing your stay.

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