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Chiesa Valmalenco Kids Summer Winter

chiesa valmalenco bambini estate inverno


Valmalenco offers a wide range of outdoor activities perfect for families in all seasons. From snowy adventures to summer fun, this magnificent valley can be the stage for your next family holiday, filled with authenticity, relaxation, and nature.

Discovering Valmalenco in Winter with the Family

Winter transforms Valmalenco into a paradise for snow lovers. We’ve already discussed the winter activities suitable for everyone, so let’s now see what to do in Chiesa Valmalenco with children, including those who don’t ski.

Snowshoeing at Lake Palù with Kids

The snowshoe hike to Lake Palù in Valmalenco is a fascinating winter experience, suitable for everyone, including children. The trail offers the opportunity for immersion in the breathtaking winter landscapes of Valmalenco, crossing snowy woods and enjoying the tranquility and beauty of truly unspoiled nature.

The route starts from the San Giuseppe hamlet, at Prati Predana, where there is a large parking area for your car. The path is well-marked and leads directly to Lake Palù, passing through enchanting woods and sunny valleys, offering panoramic views along the way.

Alternatively, you can start from the San Giuseppe area and follow the road to Barchi, where there is also a refreshment point. We recommend caution, and you should always evaluate the conditions before setting out: If there’s fresh snow, you can follow the trail with snowshoes, whereas it’s advisable to use appropriate equipment in icy conditions (e.g., crampons or microspikes). Everything can be done, but with common sense!

At Lake Palù, you can take a break at the eponymous refuge, which remains open even during the winter season. The total duration of the excursion is about four hours, with a 510-meter elevation gain, making it a pleasant adventure that is not too demanding, perfect for a day of family fun in nature

ciaspolata lago palù valmalenco per bambini
Sentiero ciaspolata al lago Palù

Nighttime Snowcat Adventure

gatto delle nevi valmalenco
Gatto delle nevi

The experience of becoming a snowcat operator for a night in Valmalenco is truly unique and magical. Imagine boarding an imposing snowcat and crossing deserted slopes under a starry sky. Lasting roughly one hour, this adventure offers not only a new perspective on the nighttime mountain landscape but also an intimate connection with nature in a moment of absolute quiet. People who experience this often talk about a sense of peace and wonder as they witness the patient work of preparing the slopes for the next day.

Relaxation and Snow Play for All Ages

Waking up on the ski slopes offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the mountain in tranquility, with relaxing walks and snow play for the little ones.

Imagine waking up in a cozy mountain refuge, covered in pristine white snow, without any traces of human passage, completely immersed in tranquility and far from the city hustle.

Children can play freely as soon as they put on their boots at the doorstep: building snowmen, making small sledding runs, and getting creative with footprints in the white snow. Staying directly at altitude gives you the chance to experience these magical moments not only during the day but also in the evening, admiring the fairy-tale landscape illuminated by the moon and star-studded sky, right from the warm refuge of your home on the slopes.

Cross-Country Skiing for Children

Valmalenco offers cross-country skiing trails immersed in landscapes of rare beauty. In particular, the trails at Lake Palù and the San Giuseppe loop are ideal for families who want to introduce their children to this sport in a safe and fun way.

The “natural” trails of Lake Palù extend for seven kilometers at 2,000 meters altitude, offering not only a splendid view but also refreshment services thanks to the nearby alpine ski area. This trail is accessible both by the Alpe Palù cable car and by the chairlift from San Giuseppe, making it an easy option for a family adventure.

The San Giuseppe loop, located at an altitude of 1,433 meters, offers a longer and well-equipped trail, with routes extending for 15 kilometers up to Chiareggio.

For beginners, including children taking their first steps on skis, Lanzada offers the 1.2-kilometer Pradasc trail, which is illuminated for evening activities. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a fascinating but less demanding cross-country skiing experience.

Ski and Snowboard Schools

scuole sci snowboard bambini valmalenco
Lezioni private di sci e snowboard per bambini

In Valmalenco, there are two main schools for ski and snowboard enthusiasts: the traditional “Scuola Sci & Snowboard Valmalenco” and the newer “Enjoyski School.” Both offer courses and lessons for children, teenagers, and adults, covering all disciplines from alpine skiing to snowboarding, and even telemark (a skiing style that combines elements of alpine and Nordic skiing). For more information, we recommend visiting their websites.

Exploring Valmalenco in Summer

Summer reveals Valmalenco’s lush side, equally rich in adventures and natural beauty.

Hike to Lake Palù with Kids

The trail to Lake Palù in Valmalenco is known for being a splendid hike suitable for families with children. The route is the same as in winter with snowshoes, low-difficulty, and offers the chance for immersion in breathtaking panoramas dominated by lush, green woods, the alpine lake, and the surrounding mountains. The starting point is in the Barchi area, and it takes about 30–45 minutes to walk to Lake Palù: the perfect itinerary for a day outdoors

sentiero barchi lago palu valmalenco estate
Sentiero estivo al Lago Palù

Walk to Lake Entova

The trail to Lake Entova starts from Prati Pedrana in Valmalenco and is known for being an inspiring and accessible path for hikers of all ages, including children. This walk offers the opportunity to connect with Valmalenco’s wild nature at a slow and relaxed pace. It takes about one hour and 20 minutes, with a 397-meter elevation gain and covering a distance of 3.5 kilometers.

sentiero valmalenco lago di entova estate
Sentiero al lago di Entova

Cycling with the Whole Family

Valmalenco’s cycling paths are an active and fun way to explore the valley with the whole family.

In Valmalenco, there are mountain biking trails suitable for everyone, including children:

  • Palù Park offers trails like the “Boletus,” perfect for families, accessible by the Snow Eagle lift or by cycling from San Giuseppe.
  • Caspoggio features trails of varying difficulty and a pump track for the little ones.
  • A recommended and very peaceful route runs from Chiesa in Valmalenco to San Giuseppe, ideal for admiring the golden larches in autumn.
  • Campo Moro proposes more adventurous trails with breathtaking views, suitable for more experienced bikers.

For families seeking more relaxed bike rides, Valmalenco offers wonderful itineraries that embrace natural beauty without requiring advanced technical skills. Routes like the one connecting Chiesa Valmalenco to San Giuseppe offer the right combination of simplicity and breathtaking views, perfect for a relaxing ride immersed in the colors and sounds of nature. These itineraries are also ideal for a moderately active exploration of the valley in the spring and autumn, giving you the option to stop to admire the spectacular landscapes or have a family picnic.

Nature and Wildlife: An Educational Adventure

Valmalenco is a unique context for exploring nature and observing wildlife. Below are some of the experiences we recommend for families with children:

  • Chiareggio Marmot Park: allows close encounters with these cute creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Millenary Larch Trail in Val Ventina: offers the chance to admire Italy’s oldest larch
  • Caspoggio Wild Park: features adventurous trails with Tibetan bridges and giant swings, ideal for the whole family

These attractions provide the opportunity to learn through play in a safe and controlled environment.

For those who prefer to strike out on their own (exercising due caution), a walk from the Barchi area in Valmalenco provides the ideal occasion for nature observation. Equipped with a camera with good zoom capabilities, nature enthusiasts can capture breathtaking images of alpine flora and fauna, including close encounters with the marmots, hares, foxes, and ancient larches that tell the story of the valley. This area, rich in biodiversity, offers unique panoramas that vary with the seasons, making it perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Alps.

Stress-Free Family Picnics

Those staying in Barchi can enjoy relaxing picnics in enchanting places, easily accessible without the use of a car. Among the delights to include in your packed lunch are local specialties such as Bitto cheese, Valtellina Casera DOP, the renowned Valtellina Bresaola, and slices of authentic rye bread, all typical products that celebrate Valmalenco’s culinary tradition. They can be purchased from local farms or valley refreshment points, elevating your picnic with the true taste of the mountains. In the San Giuseppe area, we recommend Nonna Patrizia’s shop: Abundant in local products, it’s the ideal place to stock up before setting out or for a daytime picnic.

Where to Stay in Valmalenco Year-Round

chiesa valmalenco inverno ai barchi con la neve
Chiesa Valmalenco Winter in Barchi with Snow

For those who want to experience Valmalenco beyond a day trip, there is a wide range of options between village houses, refuges, and high-altitude accommodation.

Among these, the Casa Vacanza ai Barchi is the best option for fully enjoying your experience in Valmalenco, waking up every day immersed in nature. This accommodation is perfect in winter, allow you to wake up directly on the ski slopes. In spring, summer, and autumn, it is the ideal starting point for carefree and relaxing days encircled in Valmalenco’s lush greenery.

In short, you can get the true Valmalenco experience all year round, at your preferred pace!



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