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funivia snow eagle valmalenco ski resort

Funivia Snow Eagle Valmalenco Ski Resort

Every great story begins with a dream and ours is no exception.

funivia snow eagle valmalenco ski resort

A story of passion handed down from generation to generation: It all began with Cavaliere del lavoro (Knight of Labor, a title granted to important figures in Italian industry) Francesco Vismara, who created a place for people to discover and experience the natural beauty of Valmalenco. This wild and unspoiled territory showcases nature in all its majesty.


Thus, the first ski resort in the area was established and saw increasing success under the direction of the founder’s son Franco. Franco remains actively involved, alongside his daughter, Francesca, who is the modern soul and innovative driving force behind the Valmalenco Bernina Sky Resort.


Today, the Valmalenco ski resort, not far from Sondrio and a stone’s throw from Switzerland, has become a top destination for winter tourism. It boasts over 50 ski slopes for alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, and snowboarding enthusiasts, as well as numerous trails for bikers and hikers, making it an ideal spot for snowshoe lovers and those seeking a “slow” tourism experience with a privileged connection to nature.

Beyond the Summit: Our Dream in Valmalenco

In this context of continuous renewal, a new challenge arises: to share the beauty and mystery on display high in the mountains after sunset, even in winter.

When the day ends and people leave the lifts, magic happens: the stunning hues of the sunset ignite and noise fades away, revealing the presence of forest animals. Sometimes, unexpected encounters with wonderful creatures like deer and foxes invite us to witness a different kind of life. At night, the mountain comes alive with other discoveries: watching snowcats work in the dark, getting lost in a starry sky so bright it captivates you for hours a spectacle that can only be seen from here, due to the total absence of light pollution.


Not to mention awakening to the muffled silence of freshly fallen snow: Experience the feeling of living in a timeless dream.

Stay in Valmalenco: Present and Future with Respect for the Territory

This is how the Stay in Valmalenco project was born: high-altitude accommodation offering exclusive experiences in a landscape encircled by alpine peaks, where guests can connect with wild nature.

The Casa Vacanza ai Barchi is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, in an old chairlift station refurbished as a chalet for couples and families.

We designed the structure with a green focus and we are constantly committed to reducing its environmental impact, starting with energy efficiency (already a reality) and continuously improving many other aspects.

The Snowcat Suite is located at an altitude of 2,100 meters. This is another example of repurposing a decommissioned snowcat, transforming it into romantic, exclusive accommodation that combines love, passion, and sport.

A true challenge, presenting many obstacles and difficulties, the Snowcat Suite is now an established and much-loved reality, unique in Italy.

Both structures were created to allow direct access to the ski slopes, so you can be the first to hit the slopes when everything is blanketed in silence and the lifts are still off. But the Casa Vacanza ai Barchi allows you to experience the magic of high altitude even in summer.

This is the driving force that moves us, pushing us daily to promote the territory, respecting the mountains that surround us and valuing local communities. We look to the future with the awareness that every choice we make affects the environment and future generations.

For us, the future is a summit yet to be climbed—a challenge to be embraced with enthusiasm and dedication.

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